Whatsapp Plus

WhatsApp plus is the Plus Version of WhatsApp where you can change all the settings without any restrictions

WhatsApp is the best and number 1 communication application offered by meta. There are 2+ billion people in 180 countries who use WhatsApp to communicate with each other. People use WhatsApp is that they can communicate very easily. This is a lightweight application, and this work on a very less network, so you can use it on small Android mobiles. That’s why most people choose WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family. When you use WhatsApp, there are some limitations. You cannot change the default option of WhatsApp, Then WhatsApp Plus is the option for you. You can use it as an alternative to WhatsApp and enjoy the premium features free of cost.

Whatsapp Plus

WhatsApp plus is the modified application of WhatsApp where you can change all the settings without any restrictions. This application is developed for those users who want to customize the complete settings. It has all the features of WhatsApp, including more user options. Like many customizable user interfaces, send large files, design your home screen of WhatsApp and change it to a different view.

This application is helpful for Android users because you can simultaneously use GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus on the Same device. This application is also protected from the original Whatsapp application. Still, if you need clarification about WhatsApp Plus, you can use it as a secondary number, test all the features, and then leave your WhatsApp from WhatsApp Plus.

Why Use WhatsApp Plus?

Many users use WhatsApp for communication, but they need to automate there WhatsApp messages and also need to customize the features of WhatsApp. So for this purpose, WhatsApp Plus came to market as designed and developed by a third-party developer, which allows users to automate their messages with the help of Auto reply options or message scheduler and send messages according to their time. This application also provides a encrypted messages feature, and the best quality voice messages and photo quality also. This application is supported all the photos versions like GIF, PNG and JPG. This application also lets you take screenshots of anyone during the call. These features make WhatsApp plus better for users, so that’s why most people use WhatsApp Plus for their communication,

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

Strong privacy options

In WhatsApp Plus all your conversations are encrypted for your chats. And your chats remain private; no one can read your messages because it is an encrypted format, and even the developer staff of this application cannot read them. No one gets your communication without you. This is the best feature of this application.

Hide your last seen

When you are online and communicating with another person, but a lot of messages from other contacts and there messages irritate you. By using the app hide your online status from others. No one can see you online seen, and you can also hide your status from specific contracts. You cannot show the status of particular persons.

Change color phone

Most of the personal WhatsApp and even the original WhatsApp applications cannot allow you to customize your theme and the color of your call screen. This application will enable you to change the look and feel of your call screen and customize it with different colors. You can set different colors for buttons in different styles. You can also use pre-made template and themes, which is available for WhatsApp+ call screen. You can apply it was changed. If you cannot like the general themes, you can import them for your home screen.

Font Store

This application provides attractive fonts for chatting and for your whole WhatsApp. You can set up a global font for WhatsApp Plus, and you can use different fonts for different purposes like you can use the font for communication and status and group communication separately according to your need. The Application provide all types of fonts like robot light ,medium, Arial sans-serif, and much more available in the library, and all the Google fonts are available. If you like anyone between them, you can apply it.

Hide Call button

If you cannot make a call to anyone, then this application allow you to hide the Call button from the conversation action bar. This feature is available in the conversation screen tab, where you can enable or disable it according to your need.

Increase forward limit

And most of the Mod versions of WhatsApp provide you to send a forward message is up 100 contacts. But this application offer you an option in the conversation screen to enable it and send messages upto 300 contacts. But the most important thing is that this application ban your account if too many people forward.

DIY theme

WhatsApp Plus also has a built-in DIY theme that you can visit and provides options to customize it according to your needs.

Auto reply option

If you are using a business app only for auto-reply, then you can use the auto-reply option in your WhatsApp Plus, which helps you free your device storage and allow you to use the Auto reply facility if you need. You can use this application for your business. if you run a store and reply message automatically, then you can set an auto message to users and save your time. You can also set auto message for condition like to those who send Hi message to you. So you can use WhatsApp plus to save time. Download it now from whatsAppplus.co.

Different themes

There are 700+ themes in the WhatsApp plus library, which you can use according to your test. Original application has only two themes available, and this team provides you with hundreds of themes with customizable options. You can also use the different types of emojis available in WhatsApp Plus and use them in your themes.

WhatsApp+ wallpapers

In normal WhatsApp, you cannot set wallpapers on your background. Also, the mod versions like GB WhatsApp and OG WhatsApp provide only two options, color, and gradient, to set on your screen. But, WhatsApp Plus has an extra facility to change your wallpapers and a lot of customization options. You can also import third-party wallpapers on your WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp+ Cleaner

With the help of this feature, you can clean your WhatsApp by deleting all unwanted chats and removing images, videos, and text that you cannot use. You can also use these features to fast your WhatsApp.

History and logs

An original WhatsApp application not provided history and logs features for users. But, in this Mod version, you can record every single activity in your account and save all your activities. you can easily view your workouts with the help of the history and logs option. You can enable this feature and enjoy it.

Whatsapp Plus Download

App NameWhatsapp Plus APK
DeveloperWhatsapp Plus
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Size52 MB
Software CategoryAndriod
Download Now Download By Alexmods Download By Fouad mods Download By sam Mods

WhatsApp plus screenshot

Advantages versus disadvantages


  • You can hide your online status.
  • WhatsApp + allows you to repost another status to your status.
  • Share multiple images at the same time on different platforms.
  • Multiple emojis for chatting.
  • You can easily reject calls from specific numbers.
  • You have two options to save the content in your gallery.
  • You can easily send automatic messages.


  • The developer needs to release a regular update. You have to wait a couple of months to update their latest version.
  • Legal issues in this application.
  • There are some security issues in this application because this is not original.
  • A lot of background processes in this application.

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WhatsApp Plus Latest Version

  • AddedThe latest version adds a call rejection option.
  • AddedIf you like the message, then double tap to like the message.
  • AddedAdd my contact expect the feature in the privacy section.
  • AddedYou can send any emoji as a reaction.
  • AddedYou can also listen to voice notes in the background.
  • AddedIf you have no internet, the option “stays calling” for call rejection.
  • AddedYou can also direct link to your contact. Just go to chat and click on three dots.
  • AddedYou can also send a WhatsApp contact to others without saving their number.
  • AddedYou can also copy the status of someone on the clipboard.

WhatsApp Plus All Version

System Requirements for WhatsApp Plus APK

  • You need to require an android 4.0 or higher version.
  • The application requires at least 2 GB of RAM for Android.
  • You can install this application on rooted or on rooted devices.
  • Enable the “Unknown sources” option for installing APK.

WhatsApp plus vs WhatsApp

Features GB WhatsApp Normal WhatsApp
DIY Themes
Do Not Disturb
Hide Recording
File Sending Limit 1GB 100 MB
Forwarding Limit Unlimited Chats 5 Chats
Status Length 255 Character 139 Character
Message scheduler
Bulk Message
Background Multiple Backgrounds single Backgrounds
Customize Themes
Hide Status
Font Customization

Can we use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus on the same device?

Before installing WhatsApp Plus on your mobile-first of all, you have a backup of your original WhatsApp application and then uninstall the original one because if you are ready to have an additional application, Then WhatsApp plus cannot install on your device and show the error “app not install.” You install the first original Whatsapp application and install WhatsApp Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Is WhatsApp plus for iPhone available?

  • Apple does not support any mod application on its platform. The developers of WhatsApp Plus do not develop this application for iOS users. You cannot use WhatsApp Plus and your iPhone. If WhatsApp plus is available for iOS app users in the future, we will provide you a download link.
  • Is WhatsApp plus safe and secure?

  • Millions of people use Whatsapp daily, and they cannot register any complaint against WhatsApp class. This application is safe and Secure for you, and you can use it as an alternative to WhatsApp to enjoy its premium features.
  • How can I download WhatsApp Plus?

  • You can click on the download button, which is available on this page, and then you can download WhatsApp Plus from the given link.
  • Can we download WhatsApp plus from Google Play Store?

  • WhatsApp Plus is designed by a third party and the Mod version of WhatsApp, so this is not available on Google Play Store. You can download it from trusted links are from our website.
  • Is WhatsApp plus banned?

  • WhatsApp Plus is not available on official apps and IOS Store, but this is available on the internet. In some places, this is banned, and some are allowed to use WhatsApp Plus.
  • Why is WhatsApp plus not installed on my phone?

  • The main reason is that Whatsapp Plus is not installed on any phone because you have already installed Whatsapp original application, and WhatsApp application can not allow you to install third-party WhatsApp. So before installing WhatsApp Plus, make sure you delete or cannot install the original WhatsApp application, and then you are installing WhatsApp Plus easily on your phone.
  • How to hide a profile pic on WhatsApp plus?

  • Go to settings of your WhatsApp Plus and then click on Profile settings, where you can ide your profile pic. You can hide your text from all contacts or any specific contacts from your list.